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12 Tips For Travelling With Your Infants (less than 1 year of age)

Most often, new parents get skeptical when it comes to travelling with infants. They get overwhelmed about the preparations to be taken and worry whether their babies will fall ill while on vacation. And after COVID-19, this fear has become more predominant in them.

We have shared a few tips that will help you to have a relaxing vacation even while traveling with a baby.

We, too, had personally followed these tips when we had traveled with our babies – Parna’s first trip to Tajpur (adjacent to Mandarmani Beach), was when her daughter was four months old. And Neha’s first trip was when her child was six months and nothing but 2020’s March to September could stop her travelling spree. We have followed these tips, and we still follow a few of them.

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However, if you’re planning to travel with a baby during COVID-19, make sure to check out the traveling norms, which have been recently updated by many states.

Tips for Travelling with a baby

Carry an Electric Kettle

You never know when you would need to make the feed for your baby on the go, be it formula milk or cerelac and you cannot always expect the hotel restaurant for this need as there can be hygiene issues. What is hygienic for us may not be so for our babies. So, it is always better to carry an electric kettle along with you so that you can boil water for preparing the feeds and a thermos flask to store the hot, boiled water. Also, an electric kettle can help you to sterilize the feeding bottles, bowls and spoons of your babies. You can boil water there and wash your babies’ utensils using that hot, boiled water religiously after each feed for sterilizing purposes.

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Do Not Nag Your Baby For Feeding Or Sleeping While Travelling

As you know, 80% of a child’s brain develops under the age of 8. This brain development starts right after birth and continues each day gradually. When you are out on a trip, your baby tends to observe more and soak in information as he or she perceives them in their tiny brains. While this soaking goes on, a baby might not be interested in feeding or sleeping. On the contrary, some babies might like to feed or sleep more while traveling. So, it will be logical to go by his or her cues. Your baby will express his or her need and you need to act accordingly. I can share my experience in this regard, my daughter fed less and slept more than usual during the trip, I simply followed her cues and my life became more simple on the trip.

Involve Baby In Any Activity You Choose To Do While Traveling

There’s no denying the fact that since you are a new parent and traveling with your baby, your trips and experiences will not be the same as before becoming a parent. Will it not be wise to involve your dear baby when you go for short walks around the place you are visiting or dipping his or her little feet in the seawater while you are bathing? You can take turns with your partner or fellow new parents in babysitting while enjoying your traveling activities at the same time.

Involve Your Baby In Any Activity You Choose To Do While Traveling

Carry At Least Two Servings Of Feed And A Flask Of Hot Water With You When You Are Out For Sightseeing

You never know when your baby might feel hungry, so, be prepared. If your baby is formula fed, carry at least two feeds in a milk dispenser, along with two separate feeding bottles as you might not be able to sterilize them after feeding then and there. If your baby is on solids as well, carry at least a serving of cerelac as it is easier to prepare cerelac on the go than rice and daal, a feeding bowl and spoon.

Breastfeeding Moms Can Carry A Nursing Gown

It is not always easy and comfortable to breastfeed a baby on the go. Please use nursing gowns/covers that cover your upper half as you feed. Nursing gowns/covers take care of the need of a breastfeeding mom while traveling. Also, feel free to request your co-travelers to respect your privacy while feeding. It also helps the baby to fill up her stomach without any external distractions.

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Choose Holidaying Destinations Which Are Not Far From A Locality. 

Remote locations are always the best when you are traveling for relaxation. Natural beauty is more apparent there and also there is less crowd to bother you. But, when you are traveling with your infants, it would be best if your destination is not very far away from a locality. Who knows when you might need a doctor or a medicine shop and a reliable phone tower?

Carry Or Source Trusted Brands Of Packaged Water

When it comes to preparing feeds for your baby, please make sure to carry containers of packaged water of trusted brands. Though you are going to boil the water before preparing feeds, hygienically packaged water can reduce the chances of your baby’s stomach-related illnesses.

Travelling with Infants is Better When there are More Babies

If you can travel in a group that has at least two more babies of the same age group as your baby, travelling with infants will be fun for all. Kids of the same age have more or less the same feeding time, bathing time and sleep times. So, you will have no problem in syncing with each other’s schedule and you all will be able to emphasize with each other. And these otherwise mundane activities will have some fun added to it for the baby, too.

Travelling with more kids

If you cannot travel in a group, avoid travelling with people who don’t have experience with kids. The difference in schedule and expectations, may tend to break the harmony and any sort of stress when travelling with your baby isn’t desirable.

Carry The Other Necessities

Always carry at least two Diapers, two changes of dresses, a pack of wet wipes, a hand towel in your diaper bag. All these things are pretty essential while you pack your baby bag. And they come in handy in any emergency situation when travelling with infants.

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When Travelling with Infants, Keep it Light

You need to calculate while packing for a trip with your baby. It is easier to carry more, but it is smarter to carry just what you need. While packing diapers, calculate 3-4 diapers per day of your stay and multiply that by the number of days you are staying. While packing baby’s dresses, do not carry more than three changes of dresses per day. When you travel light, you can take turns with your partner while carrying the baby along. None is going to carry a heavy load and suffer in silence.

Carry All Your Baby’s Prescribed Medicines

You never know when your baby might catch a cold, have an ear or stomach ache, or get a fever. So, please carry all of his or her medicines. That might take a little more space in your bag, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?

Consult Your Baby’s paediatrician Before Travelling With Infants

Please don’t forget to discuss with the your child’s paediatrician before going out. He or She might help you by consulting emergency medicines, quick dos and don’ts as the paediatric knows your baby’s health better than you.

Planning is the key

So, now that you have read all the simple tips, you must have realized the crux of travelling with infants lies in planning. Calm down, prepare a checklist – we have already mentioned them above. Order the items you do not have, pack you bag, and get set go. Also please do not forget to carry a bottle of surface disinfectant and hand sanitizer. If you don’t have them yet, buy online by clicking on the given links:

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P.S: Usually, babies keep well when they are travelling. There are very rare occasions when the baby falls ill. The idea is to not panic at all, because, panic attacks can make things more difficult and your experience of travelling with infants.

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