A Weekend Destination From Kolkata On The Banks Of Rupnarayan River

Unaware of the cyclone Bulbul approaching, we made a booking at Hotel Sonar Bangla, Kolaghat, on the banks of Rupnarayan river. It was such a heard about place and the hoardings often so invited me on our way to Midnapore, that when the topic of a weekend trip was thrown at the dinner table, I couldn’t think of anything else but this resort.

So, with our bookings being made (which was non-refundable), on Saturday morning, we checked the cyclone status and decided to hit the roads. Not just for the monetary loss, but cancelling the trip would have been a bad miss for us, particularly the child, who thoroughly enjoyed.

Just 55 km from Kolkata, its serenity is so rejuvenating that you cannot leave the place without promising a second visit soon.

One our way with Bulbul approaching

When we started off, our drive was a cakewalk until we reached a muddy stretch of 500 m connecting to the resort we were to put up. The river beside the stretch had started to bubble up as the waves swayed towards the stretch due to the impending storm.  It felt as if we would get drowned with a wrong turn at the steering. The sky above got shrouded with black clouds. It was only 12 Noon but it looked like 5 PM. I wished the stretch to end faster and held my breath till we reached the reception table, where on getting the keys, I finally breathed easy!

How to reach?

The best is to take a car. You can also take buses going towards Digha, and then either take an auto or request the resort for a pick-up.

Once you move out of Kolkata and take the NH 16, it a seamless journey. However, you will have to go through a bumpy ride once you are on Naupala Road. Here, we would like to mention – do not follow Google Maps blindly – the road they offer has a rail gate. So, it’s better to keep an eye on the hoarding of the resort and take the left turn from NH 16, which comes right after the one showed in the Map and just a few meters away from it. Though the ride is bumpy, the scenic beauty is incredible!

The last 500 m is absolutely adventurous with the river on one side and the road being just wide enough for one vehicle to pass. The one or two turns make it scarier, and it is safer not to drive at night.

Why to go?

If you want to relax in the lap of nature, but without travelling too much, then you will surely find peace on the banks of the Rupnarayan river. With the swimming pool, the play area, and the vast garden, Sonar Bangla Kolaghat is also an ideal location for arranging family get-togethers and birthday parties – away from the commotion of the city and yet with fun activities such as trampoline and swings for kids to enjoy.

Sonar Bangla Kolaghat

We think it’s a great place where you can gather your thoughts and do some productive work too!

Hotel Sonar Bangla, Kolaghat

From the moment you enter the resort, you will be greeted by friendly staff and your kids are bound to be enthralled by the play area. They have three types of accommodation and each room has an airy balcony each facing the river. We stayed in the Deluxe Room on the ground floor, and it’s pretty spacious. So, we can assume that the other rooms, of higher rental, will be roomier than the one we opted.

Sonar Bangla Kolaghat Reception Area
Reception Area

The service is worth mentioning – it’s excellent and prompt, and each staff is quite courteous and helpful.

Sonar Bangla rooms on the banks of Rupnarayan river

Deluxe AC Room charge might seem to be on the higher side, but you can book from sites like MakeMyTrip and goibibo as they keep offering good discounts.

Sonar Bangla Lobby
Corridor with rooms on the right

Trip without food is meaningless

The food is average – there is nothing worth mentioning about it, but the taste gets enhanced when you get to cherish it in such a tranquil place. However, their complimentary breakfast is pretty elaborate consisting of fresh fruits, juices, bread toast, eggs (boiled and omelette), milk, cornflakes, a continental dish, south Indian delicacies, our favorite luchidaal, tea and coffee.   

Swimming Pool View
Swimming pool

Last word

It’s for a soul who wants to rejuvenate and breathe in some fresh air without being challenged by the daily humdrum of life. It’s for the parents to spend some quality time with their kids.

However, it is not for activity lovers! You don’t have much to do there except relaxing either in the garden or in the pool – so, don’t visit if you want to have a happening weekend trip.

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