Calcutta 64 – Perfect cafe in Kolkata for work meet ups over good food and first flush tea

We, the contributors of KolkataFusion, recently went to Calcutta 64, a café in Kolkata for a work meet and to discuss our future plans regarding our website. We had told you earlier that KolkataFusion is a legacy that we wish to leave back for our children or forthcoming generations of Bengalis, who would perhaps forget what a physical Adda looks like. We wish that they would be able to relate to the topics in our quaint virtual Adda Zone and understand what Adda stood for in erstwhile Bengali society.

So, for our meet, we zeroed in on this cafe in Salt Lake, Kolkata where you can discuss, have engaging conversations or listen to live gigs over food with your choice of coffee or tea. In short, Calcutta 64 has the ambience of the quintessential Bengali Adda.

Calcutta 64 Salt Lake Entrance
Photo Courtesy: KolkataFusion

At the right corner of the entrance gate, there are a few wooden benches and desks serving as the waiting zone or smoking zone of the patrons entering the café. As we entered, we were greeted by a small showcase displaying luring cupcakes and muffins. On the other side, there were the seating arrangements comprising of sleek tables and chairs, just enough to keep your book, planner or laptop on them while having your food.

At the rear end of where we sat, there was a wide space with some stools and guitar testifying the live musical events which take place here, at times. There was a cute book rack, too, but since we were focused on our meeting, we didn’t dare to look at the rack lest we fall in the trap and start reading the books instead of discussions.

Calcutta 64 Ambiance
Photo Courtesy: KolkataFusion

At first, we ordered an Americano and a Second Flush Tea because one of us like coffee and the other one had a bad headache, so a strong liquor tea was something she wanted then. Both the drinks were just in place, perfectly done. Two tiny miny cookies were also served with the tea.

Chicken Sizzler Calcutta 64
That’s the steak and here’s the sizzler Photo Courtesy: KolkataFusion

Up came our laptop and planner and we started discussing our blog. Being foodies, we obviously couldn’t focus without food, and we wanted to try out varieties. So, one of us ordered mixed chicken sizzlers and the other ordered chicken steak with mashed potatoes. The sizzler tasted good, the pepper was a bit on the higher side but then our palates got conditioned and certified it as umami. We guess that’s how it should taste like though we had a problem with the high pepper due to personal health reasons. The steak platter tasted awesome. The chicken pieces in both the dishes were juicy and tender, instantly melting in our mouths.

Both the dishes were pretty filling. The quantity served was absolutely great. We would also like to mention the service, which was polite and quick. We stayed in that place for about two and a half hours, took our own time to discuss and savour the food in the meanwhile. Just when we decided to call it a day, we ordered a fresh lime soda and first flush tea. The fresh lime soda tasted usual but the first flush tea emerged as the winner. The leaves were perfectly steeped. The quantity was great, too.

One of us left Calcutta 64 with a pack of little chocolate cupcakes wishing that they would bring smiles to her little one’s face.

If you are arranging a get together with your friends, or brief work discussions with your team or client, Calcutta 64 can be your next venue. The hot cuppa coffee and thin-crust pizzas, or sandwiches or all-day breakfast or a chosen sumptuous lunch, can add new dimensions to your meet. Bon Appetit!!

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