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My Friend Became A Mother (Part 1) – A New Journey

From the moment I entered the house, I could sense it. Mutilated toys were scattered all over the floor and a stripped off mattress laid naked at one end of the room with the bed-sheet dangling somewhere on the couch. There were scattered cushions near the gaping main door (giving anyone a free access to the house). The TV was playing some silly “parivaar” drama. … Continue reading My Friend Became A Mother (Part 1) – A New Journey

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How to select a daycare

Today, we will discuss how to select a daycare facility, which is going to be a home away from home for your darling, for the upcoming years. We have already discussed the benefits of a high-quality daycare in the life of your kid. When it comes to our kids, we always want to be ready with arms and ammunition to face every situation. But, unfortunately, … Continue reading How to select a daycare

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The Tips To Choose A Perfect Nanny For Your Child

The nannies who take care of a baby can be of various categories, – full time-stay in nanny, part-time nannies working for a few days of a week, or day nannies working for 10-11 hours every day. Whichever category the child care provider may belong to, the challenge lies in choosing the perfect nanny with whom your baby feels secure and also falls fit to … Continue reading The Tips To Choose A Perfect Nanny For Your Child

Nanny – To Hire Or Not To Hire

Motherhood…A journey which has no fixed directions, no fixed schedules, and no fixed approaches. Most of the times, a new mother becomes clueless about how to go about and efficiently manage everything, – feeding her baby, cleaning, bathing, preparing baby to sleep, playing with her baby alongside household chores, taking care of elderly members of the household, and/or doing a home based job or freelancing. … Continue reading Nanny – To Hire Or Not To Hire

The Benefits Of A Daycare

The Benefits of Daycare

Has the time arrived when you would be saying farewell to your baby for a few hours of the day? Are you stressed out because your baby will be spending time with someone whom you hardly know? But, what options do we have – Should we leave our job? Or, should we unplug our parents from their hometown to take care of OUR babies? Or… … Continue reading The Benefits of Daycare

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Parenting style – The New Parents And The Grands

Among the other challenges of parenthood, one major one is Parenting style. The tussle between the new parenting style and the orthodox parenting style is an inevitable concern of the new generation parents – each one wants the best for the new member of the family – but the approach differs! Continue reading Parenting style – The New Parents And The Grands

Post-partum depression

Postpartum Depression – An Unacknowledged Destructor

Incident 1: Smita (name changed) is a mother of an eight-month-old boy. Last month she was considering suicide as she felt that she had failed in her career by choosing to stay at home post pregnancy as well as failed as a mother because she was unable to cope with the impromptu demands of her baby.  Incident 2: Meenal (name changed) is a mother of … Continue reading Postpartum Depression – An Unacknowledged Destructor

The Topsy-Turvy House

Hello! When there’s a toddler in the house, he/she runs the show and you know it WELL when: Books are written not for ‘reading’ but for ‘reading out’ to an eager pair of ears. Relaxation ‘might’ be expected only after the toddler retires for the night. Songs can be played only on demand and in one single loop till the time you put your foot … Continue reading The Topsy-Turvy House