Subhadra Sengupta

Tribute to lesser-known Children’s Writer – Subhadra Sengupta

A beautifully written article by Edaan Ghosh. It’ll encourage you to study more about this lesser-known Children’s Writer – Subhadra Sengupta. By the end of the article, you might end up adding some of her books to your Amazon cart. Subhadra Sengupta was an Indian writer based in Delhi. She was born in June 1959 and had a master’s degree in history. She was the … Continue reading Tribute to lesser-known Children’s Writer – Subhadra Sengupta

Freedom - Birds Flying In The Sky

My Freedom

Diptanu Chakraborty India is celebrating 75th Independence Day this year. We, the KolkataFusion team are honoured to present to you a poem by our Guest blogger, Diptanu Chakraborty. The kid has not only understood the meaning of freedom but has beautifully put it in words. COVID-19 has put shackles on our freedom and we are dying to go out. How the country must have felt … Continue reading My Freedom

Seven Friends To The Rescue

-Sourish Majumdar (Guest Post) All illustrations in the story are done by the author himself. Once upon a time, there was a town named Contigo. That place had a huge museum and a monstrous bank. One night, a gang came to the town. They looted those two places. After they had finished, a bell rang— TRI……IINGGGGG!!!! The police were all around. The gang- leader told … Continue reading Seven Friends To The Rescue

Kaziranga National Park

আমার কাজিরাঙ্গা সফর

অর্ চ ি ষা ভট্টাচার্য্য  (অতিথি লেখক) বাবা, মা আর বোনের সাথে আমি ২০১৯ সালের ডিসেম্বর মাসে কাজিরাঙ্গা ন্যাশনাল পার্ক ঘুরতে গিয়েছিলাম। আমার বন্ধু রংমন গৌহাটি তে থাকে। আমরা ওদের সঙ্গে গিয়েছিলাম। প্রথম দিন আমরা জিপে করে জন্তু দেখতে গেলাম। সেখানে আমরা অনেক বাঁদর, এক খড়্গের গন্ডার, হাতি, বুনো মোষ, হরিণ, জেব্রা আর অনেক সুন্দর পাখি দেখলাম। সেদিন খুব মজা হয়েছিল। একটা কালো বুনো মোষ … Continue reading আমার কাজিরাঙ্গা সফর

Earth Day April 22

Happy Earth Day 2021

On Earth Day 2021, our 12-year-old guest blogger, Diptanu Chakraborty, has beautifully and lucidly expressed, how we can protect our nature. It doesn’t require much on our parts – just some small acts can protect our environment, and give our kids a better place to live. Though Earth’s age is more than 4.5 billion years, we started celebrating its birthday just a few decades back. … Continue reading Happy Earth Day 2021

An Autobiography of Black Diamond Express

An Autobiography of Black Diamond Express

–Diptanu Chakraborty I am The Black Diamond Express. I am a superfast weekly express from Howrah station Kolkata in West Bengal to Dhanbad. My inaugural run was on 1st July 2013. I am Coalfield express’s sibling as we both have the same loco WAP 7 of Howrah electric loco shed. We both travel from Howrah to Dhanbad. Being a daily train, I am busy as … Continue reading An Autobiography of Black Diamond Express

Easy Sketch of Ghosts

The Ghost in the Graveyard

–Diptanu Chakraborty There was a dark graveyard in the jungle. It was so silent. No one visited there. Three children went hiking. There were two girls and one boy. They saw the graveyard. They could hear wolves howling at a distance. ‘’Ooooo.” Mary: “That’s such a scary grayeyard.” Browdie: “I am so scared that I am shivering”. Bob: “I don’t believe in ghosts! Let’s discover … Continue reading The Ghost in the Graveyard

Tiger Reserve Madhya Pradesh India


– Edaan Ghosh Animals always excite me. I love all animals. That was the reason my parents decided to take me on a safari tour to Madhya Pradesh. One fine morning we reached Nagpur by train. From Nagpur, we took a cab to Pench National Park. The resort was just near the entrance gate of the Pench National Park. There were different types of trees … Continue reading MY FIRST JUNGLE SAFARI EXPERIENCE

Kolkata Street Food

Food Crawl along the streets of North Kolkata – Part 1

–Ashman Biswas It was a Saturday morning (25th May, 2019) when I sat with my mother and brother for breakfast just before going for my tutorial classes. We were discussing about Kolkata’s hallmark food joints and my mother came up with a great idea of a North Kolkata Food Crawl. In which we would explore famous and heritage eateries of the North Kolkata walking from … Continue reading Food Crawl along the streets of North Kolkata – Part 1