Reminiscing School Picnics in Durgapur

As students, we used to participate in picnics organised by our school, Durgapur MAMC Carmel Convent every year. As far as we remember, till Class 6, the sole venue of our school picnic was Mohan Kumarmangalam Park or KMP. We don’t know about all, but some of us surely hated to go to KMP every year.   The spread was always a potluck. We used … Continue reading Reminiscing School Picnics in Durgapur

The Future of Our Kids – A short story

I was taking a walk by the river when I saw this little girl sitting alone all by herself. She had a small and fragile body. I think she must have been somewhere approximately seven years old. She was still a kid; adolescence was yet to touch her body. I felt curious about what might have brought her here? Though deep within me I feared … Continue reading The Future of Our Kids – A short story

Harness the Boundless Love?

Unrequited-Part 4 Continued From… “Since that fateful evening, we started re-joining the threads that had been dangling loose.” He suddenly stopped, “Am I boring you, kid?” Hemanta was living every word of his mentor; boredom was a far-fetched word, so he replied irritatingly, “Can you stop being modest and continue, please?” “Ha ha ha!” he laughed out, “You are the first and last soul to … Continue reading Harness the Boundless Love?

Nayantaras – On The Sky

Unrequited (Part 3) Continued From… “Nopes! You know I don’t carry fags. But, let’s go downstairs and get a packet,” said Aniket after some time. Slowly the two men walked downstairs – one who has seen a lot in life and the other who assumed to have seen a lot. Once they settled down in the coffee shop on the ground floor, Aniket asked, “shoot … Continue reading Nayantaras – On The Sky

The Rendezvous

Unrequited (Part 2) Continued From… “Hey! Thank you. But, I….” Ankita faltered, “I don’t need it.” His smile was infectious, and thrusting the pack in her hand, he said, “Feel at home. I will get your tea in a jiffy.” He left. Like the hundred other ladies, enchanted by his presence, she took the pack and lit a cig. She hadn’t even taken her second … Continue reading The Rendezvous

Sketch of two hands

Love Story of Lost Souls

Unrequited (Part 1) She was dressed in a simple sky-blue saree with mauve border, with her hair tied in a perfect top bun. She drew her eyes with caution and made sure to wear the matching coral lipstick. Although an extra effort was taken to cover up every wrinkle on her face, yet she was meticulous enough not to overdo. The miniature diamond jewellery glittered … Continue reading Love Story of Lost Souls

Dangerous Love

Love is beautiful, love is excitement, love is joy, but love can also be dangerous, adding a twist in your life’s story! -Nivedita Bal John was happily married with his childhood friend Maria and had two beautiful children. He felt fulfilled and complete till he shifted to US recently for a work assignment with them. He was deployed in a complex software project by his … Continue reading Dangerous Love