Dangerous Love

Love is beautiful, love is excitement, love is joy, but love can also be dangerous, adding a twist in your life’s story!

-Nivedita Bal

John was happily married with his childhood friend Maria and had two beautiful children. He felt fulfilled and complete till he shifted to US recently for a work assignment with them. He was deployed in a complex software project by his company and his manager wanted him to shift to their US headquarter. There he met Sophia, a perfect lady. Soon, John realised he was missing a major happiness in his life. Its only few months since he is working with Sophia and he get mesmerised by every action of her. How beautifully Sophia handle all the complex situations of their work, the way she delivers her thoughts to her people, the way she talks in perfectly grammatical English, her gestures, her facial expressions. He felt how a woman can be so perfect. John started spending more and more time in office with Sophia and no wonder that it didn’t took much time for him to fall in love with Sophia and convey the same to her. Sophia questioned his loyalty and challenged him to prove his true love.


He decided to leave everything, even his kids for getting united with Sophia to prove his love for her.

When he conveyed his feelings and dis-interest in Maria, she gave up silently and gracefully and moved out of US with the children to never return back.

John felt relieved for getting over Maria so easily and it was perfect timing to propose Sophia for marriage right now.

When John excitingly announced of his freedom to marry to Sophia, she laughed…”Look, A human got fooled by a machine once again! Ha Ha Ha!!”.

John looked blank and said what does that mean?

Sophia laughed louder “I knew you are a fool but didn’t know to this extent”.

“What?” John was astonished. He looked pale as if someone has moved the ground below his feet.

Sophia “I am a robot, but I can show emotions”

John “I don’t believe you…you are joking”

Sophia spinned her head 360 degree.

John couldn’t hold his tears…he shouted “Sophia, why did you do this to me? Why did you spoiled my family? Ruined my life?

Sophia- “Sorry! not my fault. My maker mistakenly kept the” Play with Human emotions button” on while deploying me in live environment”.
John eyes went black and lips got pale, he was perspiring heavily in the coldest month of US and fainted on the ground.

Heart Beat

PS: Dedicated to every John who leaves a Maria at home to fall for Sophia!

About Nivedita Bal

Coming from an army background, Nivedita is a strict disciplinarian. She had spent her early childhood in close proximity of nature in towns like Shimla and Dehradun, and it clearly reflects in her innate love for gardening.
She has been working with IBM for 7 years now. And besides being a successful professional, she is a doting mother of a cute little toddler. Her artistic skills don’t end with writing only, as she is awesome in giving meaning to the household things we term as ‘wastes’, and though she claims that she is not a good cook, trust us – She cooks yummy dishes!

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