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Embracing the Cricket Fever

Cricket World Cup 2023 countdown has begun – just 15 more days and the entire country will unite again for their favourite sport. Igniting a new level of excitement for the game. The entire country is involved in discussions and speculations about the playing eleven. As I immerse myself in the anticipations and enthusiasm shared in social media, it brings back the memories, from having little knowledge about the sport to where I stand today, as an ardent follower.

Cricket & My Childhood

Growing up, I witnessed my father and my elder brother whenever they were at home, engrossed in front of the television, never willing to part with the remote, when there was India’s matches especially if it was a World Cup. Back then, I couldn’t comprehend the immense excitement and hype surrounding the game. However, everything changed in the year 2011 when I fell head over heels in love with the game.

Cricket World Cup 2011

Especially on the night of the final which took place on April 2nd 2011, remains etched in my memory. I can vividly recall the exhilarating commentary of Ravi Shastri. The atmosphere was electric, the tension palpable. It was the pinnacle of the cricketing world- the 2011’ World Cup final.

Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lifts the World Cup after 28 years!” Ravi Shastri’s words echoed across the country, etching the moment into our hearts. MS Dhoni’s  innings will forever be etched in our hearts. And the memory of that triumphant World Cup final will remain a source of inspiration and joy for cricket fans like me for years to come. MS Dhoni’s innings remains a topic of endless admiration and discussions. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the pivotal role played by Gautam Gambhir in that unforgettable final. With a well- built innings of 97 runs, Gambhir laid the foundation for India’s pursuit of glory.

Gautam Gambhir & MS Dhoni in Cricket World Cup 2011
P.C. : Indiatimes

Cricket & Bengalis

Cricket by far is the most popular sport in India, and the ICC Cricket World Cup holds immense emotional support in India and its cricket-crazy population. Undoubtedly, cricket is more than a sport in India, and the cricket World Cup is the most anticipated events in the country.

The emotions of World Cup are magnified when it comes to Eden Gardens. No doubt, the World Cup is the pinnacle of cricketing events! And for Bengalis, it becomes a time for intense passion, national pride and communal celebration.  In the bustling city of Kolkata, the iconic Eden Gardens stands tall, eagerly awaiting the return of the ICC World Cup after an arduous 11- year hiatus.

Eden Gardens is not just a place but a metaphorical realm that holds a special place in the heart of Bengal. For those who may not be aware, Eden Gardens is a famous cricket stadium located in Kolkata. It’s one of the most iconic and revered cricket grounds in the world. With the capacity to hold around 68,000 enthusiastic spectators, it’s the 2nd largest stadium in India.

Eden Gardens stadium

For us, Bengalis, Eden Gardens evoke a wide range of emotions and sentiments deeply intertwined with our love for cricket. Cricket is not just a sport here; it’s a passion that unites people across different ages, backgrounds and social strata. The whole city comes alive and emotions range from nervous anticipation to sheer jubilation whenever a match is being played here.

Eden garden Kolkata, west Bengal

We take immense pride in our cricketing heritage. A World Cup hosted at Eden Gardens offers an opportunity to showcase this pride on a global stage. The spirit of camaraderie during the World Cup is heartwarming. We gather in homes and public places to watch matches together supporting our favorite teams and players.

At times, a world cup match at Eden Gardens can also evoke a sense of nostalgia and reflection. The crowds and the stadium has witnessed some of the most memorable cricketing moments, both joyful and heartbreaking. Whether it’s the chant of “Dada” echoing in the stands or the euphoria of witnessing our favorite players take the field, every moment here is etched in our memories.

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World Cup 2023

In the end, beyond the boundaries and stumps, it’s the emotions that will be etched into the history of the World Cup 2023. This momentous occasion calls for unity and support of our nation. As fans it’s our collective responsibility to cheer for our team with unwavering enthusiasm and belief. The World Cup will not only be a celebration of cricket but also celebration of emotions that bind us with our beloved sport.

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