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Sarasij Basu Mallick

Sarasij comes from Sheakhala, a small town of Hooghly district. He is a Mathematics geek studying in Serampore College.
Books have always fascinated him from his early childhood and they drive him to ‘think’ differently. In his words, “Yes any form of art requires thinking. But, while writing, I have to realize that thinking is not the key to good stories. Good stories goes much beyond writing – It needs to explore culture – politics – history and much more! I try to encapsulate some of my thought through my writings. And,I have an irrefragable idea that one day my pen will help me to explore myself.”


Angana teaches Philosophy in a government college and runs an educational trust for the students belonging to the Sundarban Area of West Bengal. An excellent photographer and writer herself, she loves travelling to offbeat locations.

Nivedita Bal

Coming from an army background, Nivedita is a strict disciplinarian. She had spent her early childhood in close proximity of nature in towns like Shimla and Dehradun, and it clearly reflects in her innate love for gardening.
She has been working with IBM for 7 years now. And besides being a successful professional, she is a doting mother of a cute little toddler. Her artistic skills don’t end with writing only, as she is awesome in giving meaning to the household things we term as ‘wastes’, and though she claims that she is not a good cook, trust us – She cooks yummy dishes!

Diptanu Chakraborty

Diptanu Chakraborty, is only 10 now but if you go through his stories you cannot predict his age anyways! Currently studying at standard 5 at The Cambridge School this little storyteller started his journey when he was only 4.5 yrs and his mum was the sole listener to his 4 line stories. He is fascinated with dragons,dinosaurs, volcanoes, trains and interprets the world in his own creative way with vivid descriptions. Seeing the usual stuffs in an unusual way~  may be the most  important virtue of any writer and Diptanu is blessed with it. He also tends to bring in elements he is scared of like lightning,cockroach,aeroplanes and deals with them in a fun manner in his stories. And, if you have ever known that High Functioning Autistic children have communication problem then his stories will make you rethink!
So, let’s explore Diptanu’s world of imagination!

Annoy Sarkar

Annoy Sarkar, a pure Bangali from his heart and with a dire fascination towards good food, is genuinely in love with Bengal and its culture.
He works with CG and is a caring father of an active toddler. During his free time, he enjoys reading, binge-watching, and helping society in his small ways.

Emon Sarkar

Emon Sarkar, a fitness freak and a perfectionist by nature, has bestowed our blog with some practical fitness tips. A CPA certified, she is an US financial planner. She’s also a certified trainer. An ex-student of Carmel, she currently resides in Bombay with her hubby and cute son. Her work-out videos are not only a treat for us but also an inspiration for all.

Shyamasri Maji 

Shyamasri Maji is an Assistant Professor in English at Durgapur Women’s College (affiliated to Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol). Areas of her research interest include Diasporic Studies, Postcolonial literature and the Anglo-Indian community. Her articles have been published in international journals such as Antipodes, Indialogs, Doc On-Line, International Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies and Third World Thematics (Routledge)She writes short stories and poems in English, some of which have been published in Muse India (“The Nettle Leaves”), Six Seasons Review (“Maya’s Apartment”), Story Mirror (“The Birthday Party”), Setu (“Skin Poems”), Kolkata Fusion, Indian Periodical and Teesta Review.

Soumyali Basu Mallick 

Soumyali is from a small village Sheakhala, district Hooghly, West Bengal. Currently studying in class 12, she finds joy in painting as it helps her express her feelings through different types of art. It appeals to her heart. So it is a medicine for the mind. She finds peace while drawing pictures. It is her favourite hobby. This kid cannot imagine a colourful life without painting. She gets her greatest inspiration from her mother, who always encourages her. She believes painting is a self-discovery and it is a way for her to show her creativity. Unlike many people believe painting requires a lot of devotion as well as practice. Pleasure glitters in her mind like a gem while painting.


Ashman is a high school student based in Kolkata, currently studying in class 12. He is a passionate foodie and loves to explore new places and food available in those places. He dreams of becoming a vlogger in near future. 

Pooja Sahal

Pooja has done her B.Tech in IT. To devote her time to her family while feeding the writer in her, she has started writing blogs and freelancing for a long time. She’s prompt, understands the needs of clients, efficient and believes in delivering her work on time.

Sudipta Ghosh

Sudipta is an HR by profession and a Youtuber by passion. She believes in the philosophy that “Life is too short to settle for basics” Writing for her is being able to help readers visualize what she sees. She believes stories are fascinating when they are relatable. Being a people’s person, she switched to Human Resources after completing her Masters in Economics. Her short attention span and love for exploring new things in life made her a dancer, Zumba fitness instructor, a beauty pageant winner and a part-time model all at the same time. Her Youtube Channel, Somewhat Filmy! is sure to grab your attention!

Edaan Ghosh

Edaan is an 8-year-old kid. Stays in Kolkata with his parents. An avid travel enthusiast. Already travelled to Ladakh, Lahaul Spiti, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and loves to be to Goa. Loves to play with dinosaurs and has a strong belief that dinosaurs will surely return to Earth once again. Also a voracious reader. Favourite author is Roald Dahl.

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