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Wrapping Up The Year 2020

The year 2020 hasn’t been the best year for most of us. But, KolkataFusion was the silver lining in our lives. When everything has started falling apart, it gave us the hope to survive – your support gave us the strength to be where we are today!

We launched our website, have started investing time, and brain in SEO, exploring new ways to make our digital presence felt and trying our hands-on photos and video editing. Moreover, we also got the support of two new members and it’s not just a dream of 2 school friends anymore. Amidst all the problems the Pandemic has brought along, we kept finding and devoting time for our dear child – our website. And why? This is because YOU ARE THERE!

KolkataFusion is incomplete without you, our readers and your support in our journey. Even when we were lost and down, you messaged us suggestions and edits that caught your eyes. You let us know you are waiting for us and though we weren’t writing, your trust in us was unmoved. For you, for all of you, we have decided to look back and list down a few posts that you enjoyed reading the most, the posts through which you kept our spirits high. Hope you enjoy reading them once more!

The Most Loved Posts

Bonphool – The purest honey from the Sundarbans Forest Co-Operative Apiary

Bonphool organic honey online

KolkataFusion virtually visited the remote jungles of Sundarbans in search of the purest honey made by the Co-operatives there. The organic honey has become the lifeline of the residents in the Sundarbans village because it reduced human lives’ loss due to human-wildlife conflict. Click here to know how Bonphool honey is beneficial for both you and the workers.

One thought on “Let’s Welcome 2021

  1. KF has been a crucible of a lot many things for 2020. It has catered to varied interests ranging from motherhood to pandemic and core bangaliana… You guys have brought out the hidden talents of many a minds!! Keep up the good work!! Wish you an amazing year ahead!!
    Happy writing!!

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