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Ma and Cinema Part 2 – Love For Dance

-Sudipta Ghosh

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While growing interest and addiction towards the TV at the age of 6-8 years gained me some popularity, it also became a matter of grave concern to my parents. They nicknamed me, ‘Okal Pokko’, which means premature ripening, which felt more abusive than any slang in this world to me. But my fascination towards the world of cinema was way beyond anyone’s control.  

My mother took it on herself to tame me and bring me back to reality. She used words, love, cane and everything possible to keep me away from it. She made people ask me my scores whenever they asked me to dance. Her expression changed whenever I was close to the TV switch and her eyes went big if she saw me playing ‘antakshari’ with my friends, but nothing could dampen my spirits. It was more like a secret affair than a rebellion. It wasn’t a choice; it was my life! 

Soon the world had a makeover, from black and white to colour TV and thanks to ESPN, Cable TV entered our life. By now, I was old enough to keep my dancing skills running and under wraps. I would participate in singing competitions and dance functions at school, but my mother only got to know about the debate competitions I won.

She often told me that the world is way bigger than the four walls of my house. She would want me to study hard and have a career worth being proud of. She often referred to movies as a form of entertainment, which is made for working adults to relax, not for children whose every moment is priceless.

Out of this brilliant thing which she said, I selectively picked up what I had to, that I need to grow up fast and start working so that no one can come between my cinema and me. Hence, I completed my studies with the same vigour and joined an MNC at Kolkata, just to know that I was free to choose my time, my way.

Alas! I was tricked. Earlier I had studies, Ma and Cinema, and now I have all the three and a JOB. Out of the 24 hours, I used to spend 9 and half hours working, 2 hours in traffic, 7 hours in sleeping and the remaining 5 and a half hours in cooking, bathing, praying, shopping, etc.  So, no time for TV. But, as I said before, it wasn’t a choice; it was my life.

Thanks to fancy employee engagement schemes, various MNCs organize multiple competitions, which are nothing less than the grand college fests. I started participating in and winning every year. Yes, I had to redefine the conventional ways of lifestyle and my 24 hours now were, 9 and half hours of office work, 2 hours of traffic, 3 hours of dancing, 5 hours of sleeping and the remaining 4 and a half hours of cooking, bathing, and bla bla bla…. 

Nevertheless, I was happy, my secret affair was out in the open and my love for cinema was no more under the radar. Soon my mother reframed her idea of life as she often told me and came up with the general idea that haunts every woman in the 20s – Marriage. She wanted me to get married and have a family, worth coming back home to. She often referred movies as a form of time pass, which is made for adults to keep them away from boredom, not for working women whose every moment is priceless. Out of this brilliant thing which she said, I again selectively picked up what I had to, that I need to look for someone before she does, who will understand my passion for movies and not let anyone come between my cinema and me.

I got married three years ago, and sorry to say that I was tricked again. This time, apart from Job and a Husband, I have Ma, Shashurima (MIL) and Cinema. But, as I have always said, it wasn’t a choice, it was my life. Soon the world had another makeover, from cable to internet. Thanks to smartphones, OTT platforms came into our life.

Now, apart from regular life, I have a YouTube channel where I review the latest movies and web series. I also post dance covers whenever I have time and my mother is my 1st subscriber and the biggest critic till now.

About Sudipta Ghosh

Sudipta is an HR by profession and a Youtuber by passion. She believes in the philosophy that “Life is too short to settle for basics” Writing for her is being able to help readers visualize what she sees. She believes stories are fascinating when they are relatable. Being a people’s person, she switched to Human Resources after completing her Masters in Economics. Her short attention span and love for exploring new things in life made her a dancer, Zumba fitness instructor, a beauty pageant winner and a part-time model all at the same time. Her Youtube Channel, Somewhat Filmy! is sure to grab your attention!

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