James Prinsep Ghat in Kolkata

Princep Ghat of Kolkata – Where History Stands Still

Princep Ghat or Prinsep Ghat, call what you may, is one of the iconic hangout places in Kolkata. The white porch from where you can catch a glimpse of Howrah Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu (2nd Hooghly Bridge) and a clear blue sky on looking above has been a popular day out destination among the Kolkatans. Amidst the Coronavirus situation in Kolkata, where we all are searching for open spaces to just stand and breathe in some fresh air, Princep Ghat fits in the current requirement, undoubtedly.

As an antiquary, Mr. James Prinsep would not have thought that his memorial building would continue to beckon the generations of people to stop by and admire the beautiful Ganges from its stairs amidst the Adda sessions which constitutes the soul of the Bengalis alike. The pristine white structure is a Palladian porch with Gothic inlays designed by W. Fitzgerald. The foundation dates back to 1843. Initially, the Princep Ghat in Kolkata, West Bengal, served as the principal river port used by the British royals, which gradually paved its way to become one of the oldest recreational spots of Kolkata.

This Ghat had also played a crucial role during the Second World War. The Man of War Jetty, now owned by the Kolkata Port Trust located nearby the Ghat, bears the testimony of those warring times.

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A 2 Km riverfront extending till Babu Ghat coming up as a result of a recent beautification drive has been a new feather in the Ghat’s already adorned hat. A functional bit of the Kolkata Circular Railway traverses a part of this Ghat, and then there’s the canopy of the Second Hooghly Bridge stretching out majestically above the monument.

And when you add a dusky evening or a foggy morning with a few illuminated barges floating by, you feel that all have successfully conspired to make the place ethereal.

Now, a few basic details about the Princep Ghat Kolkata. You might be eager to know what exactly can you do at Princep Ghat and how can you reach there –

Activities at Princep Ghat Kolkata:

  1. Have a stroll around the riverfront. You can also take a country boat ride along the Ganges and enjoy the light breeze cutting across your face and hair while you chat along with your friends and family.
  2. You can visit Millenium Park from Princep Ghat. The distance from Princep Ghat to Millenium Park is only around 2 Kms.
  3. You can enjoy delicious ice creams at The Scoop by the Princep Ghat Riverfront.

How do you get to Princep Ghat Kolkata?

There are more than one options. You can take a direct cab to Princep Ghat, or board a public bus to get there.

However, the real thrill would be to take a ferry to Princep Ghat from any of the Ghats, – Babu Ghat, Ahiritola Ghat, Sovabazar Ghat or Bagbazar Ghat. The Ferry Ride would be one of your lifetime experiences.

The circular railway also functions here but you need to look for the updated time table available only at the circular railway stations.

Princep Ghat remains open now and would likely to remain open until further notice. So, make the best of the rest of Kolkata Winter and have an enjoyable day out centering Princep Ghat.

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