Seven Friends To The Rescue

-Sourish Majumdar (Guest Post)

All illustrations in the story are done by the author himself.

Once upon a time, there was a town named Contigo. That place had a huge museum and a monstrous bank. One night, a gang came to the town. They looted those two places. After they had finished, a bell rang— TRI……IINGGGGG!!!! The police were all around. The gang- leader told the others,” We should hide in our secret base!”

They had a secret base in a nearby city. They secretly went to their base and hid themselves and the items they stole.

There was a police officer with six friends in Contigo. They were searching for the gang and the items they stole. They saw a man who saw the truck that belonged to the gang. The investigators asked him the number plate of the vehicle. The man replied,” The truck’s number was- HEM42MC1439. It was a red number plate with white letters on it.”  One of the six friends told the others,” There is a chance that this information may help.” So, they resumed the investigation.

While investigating, they found a numberplate broken into pieces. They matched the broken pieces and could identify the numberplate. They realized that this was the original numberplate of the gang’s truck. The officer said suspiciously,” They threw it may be because they didn’t want their vehicle to be easily identified.”

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Eventually the 7 friends found a wee bit of information from the number plate. The information was sent to the news channels so that if people see the truck, they could easily identify it and alert he police. Finally, one day, someone called and reported about the thieves’ secret hide-out.

The police officer and his six friends got ready to catch them. They followed the caller’s directions and reached the secret lair. They entered carefully. The room was dark inside and they heard low grunts. They kept looking for the sound source. They found a door. When opened, they saw a few hanging clothes. They moved those aside and discovered a secret tunnel. As they stepped in, SWOOOOOOSH!!!…they were teleported to a secret arena.

In front of them was the gang they were searching for and a huge Gollum stood beside them. They also discovered another Gollum standing right behind them. Their Gollum stepped in front of them and started fighting.

The good Gollum almost got defeated. Just then, the friends distracted the evil Gollum. The good Gollum healed itself and defeated the evil one. Hen the gang leader busted the good Gollum with his Bazooka!

The seven friends started fighting. The gang leader tried to escape but got hit by a stone thrown by one of the friends. He fell!

 Everyone was arrested and put behind bars. The treasure stolen was finally put back to where it was. The police officer and his friends were praised a lot.

About Sourish Majumdar

Sourish is an 8-year-old multi talented kid living in Bangalore. He is an avid reader and a die hard Transformers fan. He loves painting, elocution, music and writing stories.

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