Good school manners are something that children imbibe from their teachers, friends and peers. And it these manners stay with them for their lifetime – they become their lives’ building blocks.

We always want to give the best to our children, but being a parent is not an easy job. Amidst this Covid-19 pandemic, we have noticed that our kids are becoming stubborn and rigid, losing temper at short intervals, and behaving in a very noncooperating manner. We are eagerly waiting for the time when their golden and most cherished school days will be back, which they are missing profoundly. We guess the scenario is almost the same for most of the children in each and every household.


School is the first place where a child socializes himself or herself. Here, they interact with teachers and same-aged children and develop habits, which are treasured throughout their lives. The influence of school is much more symbolic than that of a family because school accompanies an individual from childhood to adult age. Through games and functions, the school imparts positive relationships like friendship, cooperation.


In school,  children become friends with each other, irrespective of any caste, creed, religion and economic differences which widen their horizons and way of thinking.

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Current Scenraio: Schools Reopening in West Bengal POst COVID


Personality development and academic achievement go hand in hand within school premises. It’s not only a place to acquire knowledge on various educational fields like geography, history, mathematics, politics and other subjects. But is also responsible for inculcating the values like love, care, sharing, respect, sincerity and kindness towards others.

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Children are very creative and they love to learn new things and activities from their friends, classmates and teachers. A school provides the ideal environment for developing these types of unique and positive skills. In school, learning is an unending process.


Schools give children the scope to participate in various sports and extra-curricular activities, which help them channelize their energy & efficiency.


Parents also play a vital role by nurturing and maintaining the good school manners that a child develops. Raising a happy and healthy child is one of the tough challenges that parents are facing in recent times. As parents, we understand that balancing everything is not just easy but impossible at times. But, for the long-term benefit of our kids, we’ll have to put ourselves in a school’s shoes.

  • During school days, children usually follow a proper daily routine. But at present scenario, all their day to day routines are hampered. As parents, we should try not to break the chain and maintain their healthy eating habits and  proper time to go to sleep. As children are now very much addicted to junk foods, we should avoid keeping such foods at home. They also should not remain awake very late at night which might have an adverse affect on their fitness.
  • Try inculcating a routine for their study & physical activities, something similar to their previous routine. Thus, they won’t be out of their regular habits.
  • Try to encourage them in reading story books and doing some constructive works which will keep them engage. And also reduce their boredom.    
  • Talk to your children about their daily activities like what is taught in the online classes or their assignments. This will encourage them in doing their daily lessons.
  • We should monitor screen time. With no schools, TV & mobile has become readily accesable to them. And most parents complain about their kids getting addicted to TV & mobile games. Just think – are they solely responisble for it?
  • We can assign small household tasks to our kids like cleaning or cooking in order to make them responsible.

When I was down with covid during this pandemic, my young girl used to prepare breakfast for me. As a result, I have noticed that she has developed a sense of responsibility and engages herself in many household works.


The children are having a tough time due to the outbreak of Covid 19.  The schools being closed for the last one and a half year, children are becoming very lonely and depressed because they are missing their friends, the classroom and  their teachers who are very affectionate towards them. Education has changed dramatically from copies and blackboards to e-learning primarily based on laptops and mobiles.

  • As most of the parents are working from home, it has become a hectic job for them to attend their youngsters all the time . But inspite of one’s busy schedule , parents have to give a quality time to their child. If the child is not in the mood of doing studies , you can do your own office work sitting next to them so as to encourage them.
  • Try to boost your child mentally and engage them in doing different creative and craft activities or by playing indoor games.

None of us can be an alternate to a school. But as long as this pandemic continues, we have to keep our hopes high and boost our children by assuring them that the schools will open soon and they will again meet their friends, classmates and loving teachers with everybody gathering together at the school assembly hall for another morning school prayer.  

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