How To Cook Crab Meat Delicacy

Winter is the best time to enjoy crab meat. And this time when winter has decided to stretch itself, in Kolkata, too, we thought of sharing some simple tips on how to cook crab meat. Traditional Bengali Style Crab Meat Recipe Being surrounded by water bodies, the Bengalis grew weaknesses for various types of fishes, snails and crabs. The crabs were regularly cooked in the … Continue reading How To Cook Crab Meat Delicacy

Maachher Matha Diye Chocchori

The quintessential Bengali recipe where all possible vegetables are mixed in the wok Before I start, I would like to clear a misconception regarding the spelling of ‘Chochhori’ – it’s always Chochhori and not Chorchori (the term bongs use to term the Velcro strips in the shoes or bags). So it’s maacher matha diye chocchori and not maacher matha diye chorchori! I had always seen … Continue reading Maachher Matha Diye Chocchori

‘Shukto’ Recipe From MIL’s Kitchen (Serves 4)

Traditionally, the Bengalis start their lunches with a first course known as ‘Prothom Paatey’. Most often, it remains bitter preferably, as we believe that having a bitter first course will stimulate our taste buds. Our traditional Bengali dishes are not just tasty and healthy but are also scientifically backed – bitter food helps in proper blood circulation and also keeps our body cool.   So, to … Continue reading ‘Shukto’ Recipe From MIL’s Kitchen (Serves 4)