Benagli Posto Chicken Recipe

Posto Chicken Recipe

– A true Bengali delicacy to have for your offbeat dinner. The Bengalis swear by two things – a fill of Posto Baata or Alu Posto with rice and an afternoon siesta thereafter. Posto or poppy seeds, also known as khus khus in other parts of the country enriches our taste buds, cools down our bodies, and simultaneously heals our digestive system. The Posto Chicken … Continue reading Posto Chicken Recipe

Chicken Hariyali Recipe

Chicken Hariyali

A typical North Indian Dish that had gained popularity in Bengal With the abundance of coriander as well as mint plants in Bengal, typical North Indian dish like Chicken Hariyali is now a known name among us, Bengalis. For a long time, it had been prepared as a popular dinner recipe with chicken when there’s less time to serve surprise guests in our homes. In … Continue reading Chicken Hariyali

The Year 2020- KolkataFusion

Wrapping up the year 2020

The year 2020 hasn’t been the best year for most of us. But, KolkataFusion was the silver lining in our lives. When everything has started falling apart, it gave us the hope to survive – your support gave us the strength to be where we are today! We launched our website, have started investing time, and brain in SEO, exploring new ways to make our … Continue reading Wrapping up the year 2020

Chicken Mini Dynamite (Chicken Fritters)

Chicken Mini Dynamites Recipe – A Snack To Suit Any Mood

Chicken Mini Dynamites is the cute name we had given to our version of Chicken Pakoda or chicken fritters. So, yes, as the name might suggest, it’s not any bomb that will burst in your kitchen; on the contrary, it might become your friend in all snaking-munching need. As we know, Chicken Pakoda has been the all-time favourite of the Bengali households. And, without exaggerating, … Continue reading Chicken Mini Dynamites Recipe – A Snack To Suit Any Mood