Rustic Rinchenpong

Through this lucid travelogue, Parna shares her first-hand experience in Rinchenpong. Read on to know what to see, where to visit and whom to contact for your booking. I tend to seek refuge in the Himalayas. The lofty ranges, the green trees, the valleys and the moors of the Himalayas help me to rediscover myself again and again. Running away to the mighty mountains gives … Continue reading Rustic Rinchenpong

A Picnic By The Usri Falls, Jharkhand

It was the eve of Makarsankranti in Giridih when Avik surprised me by telling me that his colleagues have planned a picnic at the Usri falls Jharkhand, next morning. I was in a gloomy state then, as back in Kolkata, my father was fighting with the impending death in a comatose state. It had immediately followed after he suffered from a near-fatal cerebral stroke. Though … Continue reading A Picnic By The Usri Falls, Jharkhand

The Year 2020- KolkataFusion

Wrapping up the year 2020

The year 2020 hasn’t been the best year for most of us. But, KolkataFusion was the silver lining in our lives. When everything has started falling apart, it gave us the hope to survive – your support gave us the strength to be where we are today! We launched our website, have started investing time, and brain in SEO, exploring new ways to make our … Continue reading Wrapping up the year 2020


Shantiniketan Resorts and Food Joints

When we decided for a vacation in Shantiniketan last winter, our motto was pretty clear – taste the flavour of Birbhum and bask in serenity! Though there are plenty of resorts and hotels in the heart of the town, we chose the eco-stay homestay, Madol, which is some 15 minutes’ drive from the Visva Bharati, amidst lush green fields. Where to stay in Shantiniketan? Madol … Continue reading Shantiniketan Resorts and Food Joints

Weekend Destination Near Kolkata – Shantiniketan

An Abode of Peace Approximately 163 kms from Kolkata lies this small town, Shantiniketan – an ideal place to revive and rejuvenate your soul. The land of bauls, the land of art and culture, the dream place of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Shantiniketan, is now also a great weekend destination and attracts tourists from all over the world. History In 1863, when Maharshi Debendranath Tagore founded … Continue reading Weekend Destination Near Kolkata – Shantiniketan