Benagli Posto Chicken Recipe

Posto Chicken Recipe

– A true Bengali delicacy to have for your offbeat dinner. The Bengalis swear by two things – a fill of Posto Baata or Alu Posto with rice and an afternoon siesta thereafter. Posto or poppy seeds, also known as khus khus in other parts of the country enriches our taste buds, cools down our bodies, and simultaneously heals our digestive system. The Posto Chicken … Continue reading Posto Chicken Recipe

Chicken keema recipe

Chicken Keema Recipe- Mughlai savoury dish prepared in Bengali style

In our previous post on Gajorer Halua, we had already shared about how Mughlai cuisine influenced the cooking styles in the ‘Kayastha’ (the employees who worked as scribes in the Mughal Darbar) households. The chicken keema recipe also comes from the Mughlai kitchen, which found wide acceptance among the Bengali scribe class or the Bengali Kayasthas. History says that the Mughlai Chicken Keema was first … Continue reading Chicken Keema Recipe- Mughlai savoury dish prepared in Bengali style

‘Shukto’ Recipe From MIL’s Kitchen (Serves 4)

Traditionally, the Bengalis start their lunches with a first course known as ‘Prothom Paatey’. Most often, it remains bitter preferably, as we believe that having a bitter first course will stimulate our taste buds. Our traditional Bengali dishes are not just tasty and healthy but are also scientifically backed – bitter food helps in proper blood circulation and also keeps our body cool.   So, to … Continue reading ‘Shukto’ Recipe From MIL’s Kitchen (Serves 4)