Hilley, the Haven of Rhododendrons

Early in the morning, as we were about to start the drive for Hilley from Rinchenpong, a hamlet in Sikkim, the rains started. As the mountain slopes slowly changed their attires to participate in the rain dance, I was overwhelmed with joy. Our cab driver steered forward. His vehicle swished ahead through the mists and the clouds swimming close to the vehicle glasses. It seemed … Continue reading Hilley, the Haven of Rhododendrons

Rustic Rinchenpong

Through this lucid travelogue, Parna shares her first-hand experience in Rinchenpong. Read on to know what to see, where to visit and whom to contact for your booking. I tend to seek refuge in the Himalayas. The lofty ranges, the green trees, the valleys and the moors of the Himalayas help me to rediscover myself again and again. Running away to the mighty mountains gives … Continue reading Rustic Rinchenpong