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Love Story of Lost Souls

Unrequited (Part 1) She was dressed in a simple sky-blue saree with mauve border, with her hair tied in a perfect top bun. She drew her eyes with caution and made sure to wear the matching coral lipstick. Although an extra effort was taken to cover up every wrinkle on her face, yet she was meticulous enough not to overdo. The miniature diamond jewellery glittered … Continue reading Love Story of Lost Souls

A lady playing with a kid

My Friend Became A Mother (Part 1) – A New Journey

From the moment I entered the house, I could sense it. Mutilated toys were scattered all over the floor and a stripped off mattress laid naked at one end of the room with the bed-sheet dangling somewhere on the couch. There were scattered cushions near the gaping main door (giving anyone a free access to the house). The TV was playing some silly “parivaar” drama. … Continue reading My Friend Became A Mother (Part 1) – A New Journey