Mukutmanipur Bankura

Bon Voyage – Jhilimili Forest And Mukutmanipur Bankura

For a day’s trip or as a picnic spot, Mukutmanipur in Bankura is well known among Bengalis. But today, one of us, will share our experience of Bankura tourism, which includes more than the known holiday spots. Being a Bankri (someone from the Bankura district of West Bengal), Bankura as a holiday destination always sounded quirky to me. Moreover, my son and I prefer the … Continue reading Bon Voyage – Jhilimili Forest And Mukutmanipur Bankura

Mandarmani Sea Beach

The Serene Beach – Mandarmani

While mountains are my favourite holiday destination, sea instills life in me. Every time I come back from a sea beach, I seem to bubble with life for a few days. Though there are quite a few sea beaches which are in a drive’s distance from Kolkata and you can conveniently go for weekend trip, Mandarmani entices me the most. It’s clean, it’s calm, it’s … Continue reading The Serene Beach – Mandarmani