Cute dragon

The Dragon went to the toilet

Diptanu Chakraborty

Dragon and apples

Once upon a time there was a dragon and he ate too many apples. And he got a tummy ache. He got hiccups too. Then he went swimming in the lake.

Dragon in water
Man on ant sketch

One day when he was swimming in the lake he met other dragons. But then dragon had trouble. He called out ‘Oh ! This water has reminded me I need to go!’ So he ran into the woods. He asked the animals and bugs. He asked a cockroach but cockroach said ‘I cant help you, there are many kids who want to ride on me.’ The dragon said ‘Oh!’


Then the dragon asked a mosquito but the mosquito said ‘No way! I cant. I don’t know where the bathroom is.’


Then the dragon asked an ant but the ant said, ‘I need to go too to the bathroom and all my friends need to go too.’ The ant asked, ‘Did you ask the cockroach?’

The dragon said ‘ I did but he said there are many children who want to ride on him.’

Group of ants

Then the dragon asked a fly but the fly said ‘I also need to go to the bathroom. Did you ask the mosquito?’

The dragon said, ‘I did, but he cant because he doesn’t know where the bathroom is.’

Then the dragon met a lizard and the lizard said, ‘ its hard to find the bathroom in the woods and the tiger can help you!’

cute dragon
Toilet and the dragon

Then the dragon, the ants and the fly went to the tiger and asked him.

The tiger said, ‘I know the bathroom. Follow me!’

So the tiger showed the dragon, the ants and the fly the way to the bathroom. Then they saw the bathroom.


The dragon got in the bathroom, the fly got in the bathroom even the ants got in the bathroom. When they came out they all thanked the tiger.

‘Thank you tiger !’

Tiger said, ‘you are welcome. Whenever you come bathroom hunting just call me’.

The dragon said, ‘like I always say whenever you need to go, you need to go.’

 And they all went back happily.

The End
Thank You

About Diptanu Chakraborty

Diptanu Chakraborty, is only 10 now but if you go through his stories you cannot predict his age anyways! Currently studying at standard 5 at The Cambridge School this little storyteller started his journey when he was only 4.5 yrs and his mum was the sole listener to his 4 line stories. He is fascinated with dragons,dinosaurs, volcanoes, trains and interprets the world in his own creative way with vivid descriptions. Seeing the usual stuffs in an unusual way~  may be the most  important virtue of any writer and Diptanu is blessed with it. He also tends to bring in elements he is scared of like lightning,cockroach,aeroplanes and deals with them in a fun manner in his stories. And, if you have ever known that High Functioning Autistic children have communication problem then his stories will make you rethink!
So, let’s explore Diptanu’s world of imagination!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and KolkataFusion does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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8 thoughts on “The Dragon went to the toilet

  1. Oooorrreeeeeee….. aaj porjonto sudhu kothatei chilam aamra sobai… betu tumi blog-e’o diyedile— bah sundor…. I say this the best of the lot …..

  2. It was interesting to read the story by Diptanu Chakraborty. The pictures made the unique story come alive too. Looking forward to reading more stories by the young author.

  3. That was the sweetest story I ever read. The flight of imagination is jumping around like a overwhelmed grasshopper. A perfect example of a stream of consciousness. I loved it.
    Thank you for choosing this one in your blog.
    Sankha Samanta bhison

  4. Loved the story and really amazed how he has given a complete make over of the cockroach… Who is a kids’ friend now! 🙂
    Keep it up Diptanu… Looking forward for more stories.

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