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What happens when school buddies meet after years for a few cups of tea?

You would say – ‘a lot’… but the most notable thing that happened to these two ladies: their disoriented thoughts got channelized and they could conceptualize ‘KolkataFusion’.

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Two school friends, both passionate about writing, have now decided to share their reflections about Kolkata, jointly. And, thanks to their fate, they have met someone who is with them, as their technical supporter in this journey! The city which they don’t call their own has somehow become a part of their identities over the years. Through Kolkata Fusion, they will pour in whichever aspect of Kolkata catches their fancy and will try to make it a fulfilled and informative journey for you too.

Content creators and editors

Neha Chakraborty, a post-graduate in Mass Communications by degree and a vagabond from the heart! Her work experience of more than 10 years, in varied sectors, has made her a storyteller. She not only enjoys weaving stories around the familiar characters we see every day but also loves penning down her motherhood experiences and learnings. She has left her well paid day job to follow this dream of sharing her stories. Her introspective articles also make us contemplate ourselves. 


Parna Das Basu, a disciplined lady with the heart of gold, had been a teacher for long. However, few years back she had opted to work as a freelance author so that she could spend more time with her aging family members as well as her little toddler. To hone her writing skills, she had decided to pen down the priceless memories which was gradually fading off from her memory. With her eye for detail and strong control over grammar, she has been making her life’s journey an experience for us to cherish.


Content Contributor

Megha Chakraborty, our newest team member will contribute some of her unique recipes to KolkataFusion. Taking a step towards her long subdued dream of starting a restaurant, Megha has started her vlogs to share her culinary skills. A Bengali by birth, and after staying in Bangalore for seven years now, she wishes to create a fusion restaurant, serving the dishes from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in one place

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Web Developer and Technical Support

Sarasij Basu Mallick, our technical spearhead is the one to develop this podium where we all can come together and share our thoughts. Starting from migrating your WordPress blog, to developing a website from scratch (also using open source, Python), he can help you with any website need. This young guy can crack any of your VBA codes and automate most of your daily tasks. Yet, his thirst for knowledge is never satisfied and he’s always eager to learn new tools.

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