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Bengal and Bangaliana is also about…

-Annoy Sarkar

This piece of writing is an attempt to look at the fringe beyond the focus of core Bengal and Bangaliana…

Since eternity, Bongs have been tagged to rice, fish, robindrosongeet, sweets, politics et al. Every bit of it is true to its very core! No questions asked, but off late I sense a distorted definition and stylization of Bongs amongst the contemporaries. While we boast about the food and songs that comprise the core Bangaliana, we miss the fringe.

Rikshaw Puller
Shades of Bengal

Bangaliana is also about the power to look beyond materialism. We value food for thoughts too, rather than just food!

It is about a rickshaw puller sneaking time out from his tedious schedule to browse through the dailies while sitting under a shade of a tree in the quiet afternoons.

Bangaliana is also about the joys of sharing a small bowl of unimpressive chochhori (a veg curry primarily comprising of the leftover raw vegetables by the end of the week) with the neighbour simply because the kid next door loves it!

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The bong way of life is also about gender equality even before the term feminism was coined may be! We let the ladies take the front seats while commuting unless she categorically asks for the rear seat.

Folk Tales Of Bengal
Folk Tales of Bengal

Bangaliana is also about appreciating art and crafts at every nook and corner of Bengal around the year and not just confined in “Hostoshilpo melas” & art galleries.

When Dutto babu’s daughter gets married almost half the para (neighbourhood) gets converted to homestays and guest houses for a week. Now that’s also Bangaliana!

Bangaliana is also about the ability to smile at caricatures scribbled on some random walls by the road.

Bengal and Bangaliana is also about letting your child know Sidhu, Kanu, Chand and Bhairav while she/he goes to a Christian Missionary school.

Food For Brain Comes Amidst Adda
Food For Brain Comes Amidst Adda

Lets quickly cling onto the fringe before the fringe moves further and fades out.

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Annoy Sarkar, a pure Bangali from his heart and with a dire fascination for good food is genuinely in love with Bengal and its culture.
He works with CG and is a caring father of an active toddler. During his free time, he enjoys reading, binge-watching, and helping society in his small ways.

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